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We were able to celebrate being international quite a while ago as we have several communities using in Canada, but this past weekend we went transcontinental in our first outside-North-America launch with Glenwood Church in the UK.

I have to admit, I’m quite excited to see what new types of needs are uncovered across the pond!

Until then, cheerio!


One way for Administrators to step up integration with a site is to add a Login Widget where members can sign in directly to their account on Most have some sort of messaging around the why and what, this just provides an easier way to access the ‘how’.

We’ve created a simple way to generate custom HTML code specific to your community that you can then be copied and pasted into your site. If a member is approved in your community, this will take them straight to their Projects page. Admins - look for this new button on your Administration page (or click on the image below).

Integration Options

From there, it’s a simple button to generate the code that is specific to your community.

Here’s what the widget will look like, and you can place it anywhere on your site:


We hope you’re as thrilled to see this feature as we are to present it. As always, let us know if you have any questions or if there is anything we can do to help!


I ran across a blog post from Tony Morgan last week about “Volunteering for Projects instead of Long-Term Commitments.” In it he talks about how we often ask people to get involved in opportunities that require a high level of commitment, but they might be looking for an easier entry point into serving in the community.

We’ve recently begun sponsoring Tony’s site with an ad about how helps ‘Simplify Serving and so much more’ for communities. This post seemed to capture beautifully the idea we’re trying to convey about improving communication to increase connections, though his musings were not directly related to our site. Tony writes:

“Lately, I’ve been thinking about how we might connect more volunteers if we offer folks the alternative of serving on a per-project basis. I know of one woman who travels extensively because of her career. Because she was out of town often, she could never commit to a long-term or ongoing volunteer opportunity. The church’s communication’s director saw an opportunity for this woman, who used to be a journalist, to write for the church’s monthly newsletter. The woman was able to serve her church in a way she was gifted without having to be in the walls of the church on a weekly basis.”

That sounds tremendously familiar. One volunteer coordinator I was talking to yesterday spoke of how they’re great at the big, event-based service stuff, but the “I’ve got a brand new pair of roller skates, you’ve got a brand new key” type needs are tough to manage and often fall through the cracks. is a fantastic fix for those problems and helps connect the dots of who, what, when, and so on.

I’ve paraphrased Tony’s question at the end, but it is great and relevant for the discussion: Are there people in your community who have maybe shied away from serving, but could plug in to a project that uses their abilities and connects them to playing their part in the Body?

We’d love to hear your comments!

Read Tony’s full post here.


Quick feature update! Administrators have historically received emails once a week letting them know how many people have pre-registered to join their community. Several of you have asked to be alerted sooner, allowing those members to get involved faster and ultimately for more to be done in your community. Well, we just launched this new email preference so you can see those updates in real-time, daily, weekly, etc.

Pre-registered Member Email

Keep watching the blog–we have a ton of great new features launching in the coming weeks that will continue in our goal of simplifying service in your community!


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