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What if you could add members with the click of a button, but rather than you clicking the button to add them, it’s them clicking the button to add themselves? Yes, we know it already exists with the option for them to create a personal account, but we’re talking about ONE CLICK! It’s mind-blowing how simple this is…and yet, it’s still just an idea.

However…there’s an easy way to try this out RIGHT NOW. Some of you got to this blog post by clicking on a link. If that were coming from an eNewsletter–say, one that you sent out to your community using something like MailChimp or Constant Contact–you’d have access to a list of the email addresses for everyone who clicked on that link. If that link were embedded in a cool-looking button and surrounded by highly motivating messaging about your community’s use of, it becomes even more appealing.

As an Admin, you simply use that information to create a CSV for the Multi-member Upload.

I like to think of it as the paperback version of the Multi-member Upload. Essentially, you’ve already pre-approved them from a list (whether it’s your database, mailing list, etc.) and all they need to do is accept the invitation. We think it’s a great idea for those who want members, but don’t want to force people into joining. We’ve already had communities that have tried it or something like it with success.

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To make it easy for them, it might take a few extra steps on the Admin’s end. For your next newsletter, add the image and link on this post and send it along with a message about in your community. If your newsletter program doesn’t have click tracking, or if you don’t have the members’ first and last names included in that list, consider redirecting them to simply pre-register on the site (or switch to a newsletter service that does!).

And if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!

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