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Personal Community

There's a better way for people to help each other.

We provide an easier way to volunteer, give, serve, help and get help in your community. By changing how you share needs and abilities, your community can increase connections, simplify communication, and effectively decrease the distance between a person with a need and the person who can help.

Community Leaders is made up of groups of people who have joined together around a common cause.

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Want to simply help out in your community?

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Whether you’re a leader in your church , school , non-profit or other organization creating a community or signing up for an individual account is easy.

How Does It Work?

As a community leader you create a community for your organization. You pay a small hosting fee, but it's free for members to engage in the community. Individuals share their needs, and connect on projects that match their abilities. Use it to promote local volunteer opportunities or connect with non-profit organizations.

How Much Does It Cost?

A simple monthly fee based on the size of the community. No setup fees, no maintenance fees, no hosting fees, no contracts